2015 Round Up

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The idea of Inner City reforming was not a new one. It was first discussed at a get together at a summer BBQ in 2012. But, due to life getting in the way as it does, it was not until 2015 that all members were in a position to move forward with the idea.

Rehearsal room where booked in March 2015 and to everyone’s surprise the very first rehearsal had a very positive feel about it. Of course, songs were limited and there was much talk on what the band should rekindle from their original set material, and how much to cover for other sources.

After some discussion it was decided that the band should concentrate on music that would be easily recognized at a live performance, such as The Jam, The Who numbers and so on. Their first live performance of 2014 took place at a local music venue in August the 14th 2015 to very healthy public support. You could say it was a complete success. Since that first performance the band have played the same venue a second time in Dec 2015. But, the highlight of their first year was being asked to open for The Orphans at the Grand Pier in Weston-super-Mare.

Thank you to everyone who came and support the band in 2015. We hope you do the same in 2016..

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